Your Living Room Is For Living It Up As A Family

The thing about a living room is, well, it kind of gets lived in. that’s the whole point of it. It’s that place where you stop for a bit as a family and relax together. You spend your free hours in here. It’s pretty much the one room that encourages such wonderfully lazy behaviour. But making it work for the whole family can be a little easier said than done, which is why we have come up with a few top tips and little tricks to help you make it the perfect place.

Make The Space More Social
You may well have noticed how busy modern life has become. It’s 101 mph from the moment we first stretch until we finally crash. That’s why you need to make a living room that encourages everyone to spend a little more quality time together. You’re a family, and enjoying each other’s company is a huge part of that. Have big comfortable sofas, make sure there is plenty of space for everyone, and then make a focal point that isn’t the television. Make it the bay window or the fireplace or something that won’t take away from your conversations. That’s the key to living in a living room, and not just existing in front of a screen.

Make It Super-Duper Durable
So if we have learned one thing about having a well-used living room it’s this: it has to be able to withstand some serious wear and tear. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style because you don’t. Use paint that is wipeable should your toddler start drawing on them, buy curtain fabrics that will withstand a few tugs and pulls, and get leather sofas that are hard-wearing and easy to clean and, if you can use your Mystic Meg ball, ones which will look even better when worn in a bit. If you’re worried you are doing this at the expensive of luxury, well, you can always chuck a chandelier into the mix knowing it will be out of reach.

Keep Calm And Carry On
If you want a living room that will be loved by one and all, then your best bet is to make sure it has a calming influence. That means reducing all that clutter, using neutral tones, having some mix and match colors and furniture, and little touches that ooze calm. You know, like a stack of well-presented logs, and fresh flowers, and books, a low-level table made out of fabric and not wood. It’s the little things in life that affect our subconscious the most and that is what affects our mood. Oh, and lighting. Make sure the lighting can be adjusted to suit every use; lamps and dimmer switches being the best option here.

Seamless Transition Into Nature
If you can make your living room connect with the outside world in a natural way then you are onto a winner. It will allow you all to get the best use out of the space, by flowing in and out without hassle, all the while still being able to connect with one another. Laughing and joking while you lounge on the sofa and your kid's lounge in the garden. Or you could let your toddler run wild without once panicking, knowing you can have eyes on them at all times, and leap up to stop them chewing on a worm, should they venture down that route. Then there is the natural light and soothing vistas, Yup. This is how to please everyone.

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