3 Simple Garden Maintenance Priorities You Should Keep On Top Of This Summer

Maintaining a beautiful garden over summer sounds easy. There are no falling leaves or dying disheveled bushes that you need to take care of to make your garden look the least bit presentable. Surely summer, when the garden is in full bloom and as a default beautiful should be easy to stay on top of? You’d be right in some regard, but wrong in many others.

Think of it like this. A man with a bald head (a garden in winter,) might have to upkeep his hairline, as well as shave any areas that still choose to grow a little bit of unruly hair to preserve the whole look. A man with luscious long locks of hair (a garden in summer,) requires much more maintenance. Trimming, cleaning, combing, all of these things will need to be taken care of on a weekly basis to preserve how smart and uniform the style is.

A garden in full bloom demands your attention. The garden is alive, replete with small animals, insects, flowers, and weeds. Use this following six important garden maintenance tips to reliably keep a beautiful place for you and your children to unwind.

Trim The Grass

It’s important to trim the grass to keep your garden looking tidy. Doing so will also provide safety for your children believe it or not, because you’ll be able to identify and sharp objects or debris in the garden that could injure them otherwise. Mowing your lawn once every week to a fortnight should be more than enough to stay on top of it.

Maintain The Pond

If you are lucky enough to own a pond fixture, it’s important to maintain the hygiene of it. Over time, pond algae can develop if you don’t have an adequate filtration system, and this can come with its host of bacterias that can be perilous to your health and the health of your children. It’s also important that you keep the pond operational and the water moving so that the water doesn’t become still, which can lead to bacteria developing easily too.

Consider researching the best pond pumps from Swell UK to understand what pump is right for the pond you inhabit. You can find said information here http://www.swelluk.com/pond/pond-pumps-62.html. On top of this, it’s important that you separate the pond efficiently, especially if it’s embedded into the grounds of your garden instead of being a raised area. Building a small wall or fence around the pond can greatly increase the safety of your children when they’re traversing or playing around it.


Weeds can, over time, kill the fruitful blossoming of the plants you’ve worked so hard to seed. Make sure that you use efficient weedkillers. You can research the most effective ones here https://www.amatop10.com/best-weed-killers/. As well as the peril they provide to the beautiful plants you intend to place in your garden, weeds are simply an eyesore, and can spread quickly. Stay on top of these with all your might, and your garden will be better off for the effort.

These tips will enable you to have a magnificent summer in your garden, and provide a beautiful place for you to entertain your neighbors. ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ has never looked so good!

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