Happy Baby! Keeping Your Newborn Safe


There is much to take care of when you have a newborn baby. You need to have all the right clothes, all the right equipment, and make sure that you’re getting enough sleep (good luck with that!). Above all, you need to make sure your baby is kept safe and out of harm’s way. How do you do this, however, when there’s danger seemingly at every turn? The key is: be prepared. Below, we outline some of the primary safety concerns, including a couple of tips that will keep your child extra safe.

In the Home

For the most part, your baby will only be in your home, at least for first few months. And as such, that means you need to babyproof every inch of your house. This might sound like a big job, but it’s not really: you just to cover up those hard edges, make the electrical sockets safe, and make it so that your child can’t climb and get themselves into dangerous positions. You’ll be with your child mostly at all times anyway, so this is just about ensuring that there are no dangers around.

When You’re Busy

We hopefully don’t need to tell you how busy you’ll be when you have a new child. They’ll take up the vast majority of your time, and you’ve still got the rest of your life to take care of, too! As such, you need to find to keep your baby safe even when you’re too busy to take care of everything. Use your smartphone to have a GP at hand, so that you can quickly receive medical advice for your baby, even if you don’t have time to take your child to a doctor if they’ve got some mild symptoms. You should also look at the best baby monitors - which will include HD video and sound, too - so you can always keep an eye on them.

In the Car

The most important part of taking your baby in your car is to have a child car seat that fits properly. Many people think that any baby seat will do, but that’s not the case! There’s a lot of mild dangers in cars that can be neutralized by exercising common sense, such as driving carefully and never leaving your child in an unattended car, even for a moment. If you’re concerned about doing the latter, make a habit of leaving your important possessions on the back seat when you drive: that way, when you stop you’ll always look around to the back and see your child!

Inspecting the Toys

You’ll receive a whole bag’s worth of toys from friends and family members for your child to play with. Make sure you’re checking that they’re all safe for your child to use. It’s not just about seeing what age the toys are suitable for: you also need to check that they’re in good condition. A toy that’s supposed to be safe for a child might not be if it’s been used previously and has loose parts because of wear and tear!

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