Making Your Home Look Like An Interior Designer Dropped By


Being an interior designer is no easy feat. It requires an understanding of the latest trends, knowing how to maximize a space and have that first-rate eye for detail that will unite practicality with perfection in ways mere mortals have no idea of doing. Unfortunately, though, most mere mortals cannot afford to bring an interior designer into spruce up our homes. Some of us simply don’t want to; we’d rather indulge our design dreams and do it solo.

If this is you and, let’s be honest, why else would you be here, then read on for our top tips to make it look like you brought in an expert to make your place fabulous? With advice like this, there could be no other explanation.
Plan With Pinterest
This is the best place to start because it will help with the rest of your decisions. What you need to do is look at home decor ideas and save any pins you like; the more organized the better. These should be things that inspire you, not necessarily things you can realistically achieve. You’ll see why as we go through the other points.
The Three Colour Rule
Choosing a color scheme is one of the hardest parts because it is so unique and personal, and also has a huge impact on the tone of a room. It can create a certain mood. It can be overwhelming, but what we recommend is you pick the color combinations that shout out at you, which is where your Pinterest boards come in handy. Look at them and see what three colors or shades are most prominent in them. The main color should be for walls, the second for large accents like furniture and the third to make your space pop with smaller items.
Sexy Statement Furniture
What a big - possibly even oversized - statement piece does is declutter your room and give you somewhere to look. Every room should have a statement piece. If it is bedroom furniture, you are deciding on then we recommend coordinated pieces, which differs from the living room in which we think a mix of styles and sizes is the best way to make a space look more balanced.
Decorative Table Fillers
This doesn’t have to be exclusively for table tops, but designers love using decorative items such as trays and bowls and baskets to add a bit of beauty and organization to those bits and bob that have no official home. Go back to Pinterest. You see that gold leaf tray, probably sat on top of the ottoman, yeah, the one with the candle and stack of coffee books; just because it looks like something nice for the photo doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow suit.
Flowers In Every Room
Don’t believe us, then go back to your Pinterest boards and tell us what you see. Exactly. Flowers are on show in every single picture. It may seem too simple to constitute being an interior design tip, but plants and natural pieces are the final touches your room needs. Flowers, easy to maintain house plants, beautiful twigs and seashells; that is the little thing that will make it look as if a professional really has swooped through your home.

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