Simple Tricks to Make More Space in Your Home


Lets face it we could all do with a little extra space when it comes to our homes. So here are some really simple tricks to make some extra space around your house.


As our hallways are the busiest areas of our homes and the first area we see when we come home it’s essential that this area is functional and organised. In order to open up hallways and make them feel more spacious you must be looking at effective storage solutions. As it is all too easy to just kick off shoes, dump coats and umbrellas, our hallways can look very cluttered very quickly, so buying into storage units helps to resolve this problem.

Look at shoe box benches, wardrobes for your coats and outdoor gear and if you’re really pushed for space then get some hooks up on the wall to get your coats neatly hung up and out of the way, so that when you get home your hallways looks neat, organised and much more spacious.

Organise Your Kitchen

As our kitchens can certainly be the most chaotic room in our homes they are also the easiest room to over clutter and in turn look smaller than they need to. Maximise space in your kitchen by introducing vertical storage units and by building in deep and wide rolling draws to keep all your kitchen equipment organised and out of sight. Also think about smaller storage items like jars and pots for storing your everyday items like sugar, rice and oils so that you don’t have any unsightly bottles and packets lying around. You’d be surprised how much more open and spacious kitchens can look once everything has its place and everything is neatly stored away.

Knocking Down Walls

You may find that there is a wall or two in your home that serves no purpose other than reducing the amount of space in one or two rooms in your home. Smaller rooms that serve little purpose maybe just the solution in order to open up a larger room elsewhere. Therefore have a look around your home and look for walls that could be knocked down to open up kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and any other rooms around your home.

If you are unsure which walls are structural walls that are imperative to the overall support of your home you are going to need to find a builder. A local builder will also be able to talk you through your options, the amount of work necessary and how much a project like this will cost, so this is the best place to start if this is something that you’re considering.

De-Clutter All Rooms

As you can see there is a bit of a pattern occurring here when it comes to our homes and creating the illusion of more space. It all comes down to effective storage and de-cluttering. So make sure you are focusing on these two things around your home. De-clutter around your home first, then analyse the storage that you need to invest in, in each room and voila, your home will automatically feel much more neat, tidy and in turn much more spacious.

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