Bathroom Convenience Without The Compromise

Convenience is a golden word when you have a family. And, never is it more important than in the bathroom. When everyone has to get to work or school, mornings become a madhouse. Everyone fights for the chance to have a quick wash before they leave. You don’t need us to tell you that it doesn’t always work. This is especially a problem if your bathroom isn’t fit for the purpose. A small, crowded space will only allow for one person at a time. And, a bath is the last thing you want to consider when you’ve only got five minutes before you leave.

But, convenience often involves compromising on appearances. What’s easy, after all, doesn’t always look good. But, we’re here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case in your bathroom. Here are a few ways to achieve a convenient space which works for everyone, without compromising on looks!

Shower Instead Of Bath

You may have dreamt about that claw footed bath for years before you got it. But, it has to go. Having a shower in a family home is essential. Otherwise, there’s no chance you’ll all have time to wash. At least, not unless you all share a bath. That’s hardly the cleanest way to start the day, though, is it?

The good news is, taking time over your shower design can ensure it’s just as attractive. You don’t have to opt for a traditional white unit; you can go all out with this. Why not extend the cubicle, so that your shower is the same size as a bath would be? You could even opt to separate the end of the room with a glass panel. And, once the shower is in place, install stylish tiles, and something like these tongue and groove bathroom shower panels. Options like these are sure to add the touch of glamor you’re afraid of losing!

Everything To Hand

Another way to save everyone time is to ensure that all toiletries are to hand. But, the idea of bathroom shelves filled with bottles is enough to make any homeowners heart sink. That’s why it’s worth considering storage. A bathroom cabinet above the sink can work wonders, and if you choose the right one, it’s sure to look good, too. Or, you could get your sink installed into a unit with storage built in. That way, everything will be out of sight, but there when you need it. Besides which, an option like this can become an amazing design feature.

Open It Up

If you’re struggling with the small bathroom blues, why not consider remodelling your bathroom to open it up? A wet room is an amazing way to make more from a small space. With this, you’ll get rid of those large shower basins which make the room seem even smaller. Instead, the flooring will be entirely waterproof and have drainage installed. As such, your shower can run free without constraints. And, so can you and your family.

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