Better Late Than Never

Without our realising, there comes a time in most of our lives where we think it’s too late to change things. We’ve got our family and our homes, and we assume that’s our lot. For the most part, we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all; a family and a roof over your head is the greatest gift you can ask for. But, it would be naive to assume we don’t all at least wish we had done some things differently. Perhaps you meant to do something but never did. Or, maybe hindsight was necessary to show you where you went wrong.
Whatever the reason for regrets, they have the ability to haunt you if you don’t face them. But, what can you do about it now? Surely it’s too late to worry about what could have been? Not necessarily. In fact, there are a lot of things which it’s never too late to tackle. We’re going to look at a few of them. Because life’s too short to live with regrets! It’s never too late to…

Save For Your Child’s Future

Saving for their children’s futures is something every parent intends to do. You may have had admirable intentions to set up a savings account the moment they were born. But, pregnancy is hectic, and these things fall by the wayside. When you do remember, it’s too late, so you don’t bother.

In truth, though, it’s never too late to start saving. Don’t dwell on the money you could already have set aside. Instead, focus on the money you can put into their savings from this point on. The chances are you still have time to save a decent amount.

Of course, ensuring your child has enough money is about more than savings. You may also want to look into life insurance for yourself. That way, you can ensure your little one is cared for should anything happen. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking their savings will be enough in that instance. The benefit of life insurance is that the payout stands to be substantially more than you put in. So, this is an investment. With options like life insurance for over 40's, there’s no excuse not to get started. Again, it’ll do no good to dwell on what could have been. Sign up and start paying now!

Start Again Somewhere New
Did you once intend to move from your hometown? Nothing beats the feeling of setting off for pastures new. But, life gets in the way, and those dreams fall off your radar. When you remember them, your kids are settled at school, and you and your man have jobs tying you down. But, that may not mean that moving elsewhere is off the cards. If you regret not taking the leap, it may still be a move worth making. It might not be practical to go across the country right now. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t move a little way away. Even moving to the next town, or one half an hour away can have a huge impact. It’ll bring you a sense of satisfaction, and give you the chance to lay your roots somewhere of your own making. And, a half hour drive to work isn’t the end of the world. You and your man can keep your jobs this way. Your kids could even stay in the same school if they wanted.

Bear in mind that this decision isn’t just down to you. Make sure your family are on board before you take any drastic steps. If your kids or man fail to get on board, let it go, and come back to it later down the line. It’s never too late, remember!

Return To Work
If you chose to become a stay at home mum, you might have intended to leave work behind you forever. What job could be more admirable than being there for your kids? But, an unexpected side effect of this choice are the stay at home mum blues. If these haunt you often, you may feel desperate to return to work. But, you’ve been out of employment for six years, and have no idea who would take you. It’s too late, right? Not at all. Employers understand that mums take time out for their kids. You may not be able to return to the career you were in, but think of this as a new opportunity. Pick a career you’d love to do, and go after it.

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