Décor tips for Mommies with Provincial Furniture

Decorating the home in its own and unique way is not as easy as it seems. Women these days are passionate and obsessed for the decoration of their homes in a snobbish way. Provincial French country style is among latest trends these days. It has taken everyone’s attention due to its casual elegance, splashes of colour and emphasis on natural or rustic-looking accessories. Attaining Provincial French country style in your home doesn't have to cost a lot of wealth. In fact, you may be able to put your creativity to work and refurnish existing furniture to create an enchanting space.

Here I would present some unique ideas to decorate your home with Provincial Furniture.

  • Create French Country Influence
French country style has a warm, comfortable feeling. So, it's preferred to stay on the warm side of the colour wheel with colours that have medium to low intensity. Think soft yellows, warm pinks, baby blues, and creams. The fittings should have elegant and humble lines. French Country structures lots of painted furniture. Buying older furniture would be a perfect fit for this style. Wrought iron or rusted metal draws are often combined into this grungy chic style and it's not all about wood decor. Fabrics in this style are wide-ranging but rely on toile, a very traditional fabric. You can partner toile with streaks, plaids, or solids. Anything goes best with it!

  • Architectural Imprints
Architectural details that give an older touch easily give a room country French flavour. Rustic stone tile and hand-scraped wood rays add the glamour of an old French eatery to your home. Curved doorways, complicated decoration details, and painted finishes also enhance the look.

  • Soft and Natural Accents
Beautiful fabrics and provincial patterns are characteristics of country French style. To balance today's hectic lifestyles, softer colours and more delicate patterns have become popular choices. Pretty borders, decorative trims, and lace accents add an elegant finish.

  • Rustic Style
If you love the rustic look, it’s easy to add in stuff made from candid rustic materials into a Provincial-inspired décor. They sit well with the imperfection and quaint nature of this style as it provides room for a little vision if you love a rustic or country impact. Things such as stone, metal and timber can all be introduced. This light fitting, for example, adds colours to the décor without stealing the show. Distressed painted furniture can also make an appearance without causing offence.

  • Balance
A thoughtful balance is achieved in the country French style that provides a sophisticated stage for a casual living. To achieve this, dress the room with French influences, such as full-length curtains, rich wallpapers or paint finishes, and formal textiles. Then fill the space with livable furnishings, such as French style coffee table, a lavish farmhouse-inspired dining table, to entice large gatherings of family and friends.
To keep a provincial touch in your home, it is necessary to think all do’s and don’ts to keep your home chic, decent and modish.

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