How to lower your toddler’s cell phone obsession

Babies and young children may look cute to all, but bringing them up is totally a different sight altogether. If you ask me, I would tell you that I constantly find myself juggling children, their diaper bags, my handbag, and all the other stuff all day long. My children keep me so busy that I don’t have time to watch my valuables. This allows them to dig through my purse and find my iPhone in there. They don’t know what this gizmo is all about but they sure know that it makes fun noises and shows them funny pictures, so they think it’s a good idea to drool over it, put it in the water or just chuck it across the room.

This results in loss of money as iPhones are really not so cheap. It also makes me worried all the time that the phone might not end up harming my lovely little angels. Now they haven’t started making bulletproof iPhones yet, but you won’t believe how a good baby proof casing can keep your child and your phone safe. I got a very good casing from and it helped me immensely in keeping both, my children and my phone safe.
Since most people are not wealthy enough to afford several broken phones, so it’s always best to have a safety casing protecting it. Kids are known to have thrown their parents’ smartphones on cement, dropped them hundreds of times on the floor and even tossed them like a ball. Does it make anyone happy? Of course, not!
So what could be the possible solution to this issue? Lowering the cell phone obsession of your children! Everyone knows that children mimic their parents a lot, so when they see mommy using her phone most of the time they think that mommy is really into this thing so it must be lots of fun and this begins their cell phone obsession. So here are a few ways to dial back your baby's technology fascination:
Limit your own use
Surprise! You should limit your cell phone use in front of your children. Use it only when there is an emergency and try keeping your cell phone out of sight when you're not working. Trust me, your children are more important than your office problems which can wait until you're back in the office or your child's in bed.
Be consistent
People let their toddlers play with their cell phone at the grocery store in order to prevent a candy aisle meltdown, but at home, they have totally different rules altogether. This only confuses and frustrates children. Instead, they should be consistent and make cellphones off-limits at all times. Parents should explain it to children that their phone is not a toy and offer them something else to play with. If you are unwavering in this, your children will eventually learn to go along with this rule.
Engage your children in pursuing real-life activities
Children love to imitate their parents. So give them pots and pans for cooking or even drum playing. Ask them to assist you to do the laundry and give them their own pile of hand towels to sort. Get them to water the plants together with their own mini watering can.

These little things can really lower your children’s technology obsession and allow them to pursue healthy activities. Try them and tell us how they worked out for you.

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