Money Saving Tips That Helped My Family

    We are living days in which we have to be very careful with our finances, especially if we have a family to look after. I have to admit, that I am not a person that likes to save money. I always see something nice for me, or for the children and I think, why not? Well, this year I decided to change that about me because I saw what not having some money put aside means and I did not like it, so I decided to take some measures. You want to know something really funny? It actually worked! I managed to save up quite a bit and I am very happy with that. Want to know the secret? Well, read on and let's find out!

 1. Pay attention to your expenses! - This is a very important step! You need to know how much you are spending each month in order to know how much you can actually save up. I keep track of each month's expenses and if I have a little extra, I put it aside. It's not every month the same amount, sometimes is more, sometimes is less and sometimes I don't have enough to save at all, the important thing is to keep going. Little by little you will get there!

2. See a possibility everywhere! - Don't you just love that yummy Starbucks coffee in the morning? Or that nice restaurant that has the most awesome food for lunch. Don't you find it easier to just take the car to work or to the grocery store? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you should probably see that these are all opportunities for you to save up. You might wonder how; well, you can take coffee and food from home and save up the extra money, you can take the bus to work, or just walk if the distance allows it, that's not only good for your wallet, but it's also good for your health.

3. Think before you buy! - I was a very big shopaholic before my girls were born, so imagine after I had them! I was going from store to store and I bought them so many things that they didn't even have time to wear. Don't be like me! Now I see what a big mistake I've made, but better late than never, right? See what you have at home and only buy things if you really need them. Also, keep an eye for the annual sales, because then you can get really nice things at very good prices and you'll save up quite a bit.

4. Be prepared for the unexpected! - This is the reason why you're saving up in the first place. I know that many people save up for a holiday, or for a new car, but I always make sure that we have some extra aside for unexpected things. You don't want to have a broken washing machine, or a broken car, trust me! I've been there and it wasn't nice at all. You don't have to panic now and think that if you did not manage to save, everything will go bad, no! There are plenty of companies out there that offer small loans, that way you can solve your problem and pay the loan back when you get your salary.

 Maybe my tips are not new to you, maybe you knew them yourself, but what I want you to know is that they work! I managed to save this year more than I thought I would and you can't even imagine what a great feeling it is. Do you have other money-saving tips for me? I would love to find out your tips and tricks, so don't be shy!

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