Simple Tricks to Breathe Life into Your Garden

If you have a lush green garden adding beauty to your home, consider yourself lucky because having a garden is a rare commodity these days. You have to pay loads for it and its maintenance costs you a fair amount too. So if you are spending so much on your lovely little sanctuary, why not make the most of it? Here are some DIY tricks that can transform your garden into the most attractive place in your house and a true sanctuary where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

Add colours for life
Colours can bring life to almost anything. Add life to your outdoor furniture by using vibrant tablecloths and cushions featuring bright green, blue and red shades. You can also utilise patterns to add a wonderful twist. The same effect can be achieved by adding chic vases to your patio furniture. Of course, the real beauty of a vase is revealed when there are colourful flowers supplementing it; and where else can you get the freshest flowers except
Repurpose old things
If you have an old chair that you are about throw away, just wait a moment! You can turn it into a swing and add life to your garden! You can also do the same with an old wheelbarrow and use it as a coffee table, just with a bit of creativity. Similarly, an old bench can also be revived as a unique planter for container plants.
Create visual effects
If your garden is not large enough or you are planting in your balcony, you can add mirrors between your plants to give your green space a unique depth. You will have to clean these mirrors regularly but they will be worth the effort. Such visual effects can also be cast in tiny spaces to make them look bigger.
Let there be light
Most people tend to spend time in their gardens during the day. Little do they know about the fun they can have in their gardens during the nights. Adding a bit of lighting by repurposing those old Christmas lights in a creative way can add some nightlife to your garden. You can add a BBQ pit to have some quality time with your friends on Saturday nights.
Turning old furniture new
If you are thinking of buying new chairs while your old chairs are gathering dust in your backyard, we reckon it’s not a good idea. Why buy new things when you can renew your old ones? Just wipe the dust off those chairs and paint them to breathe a new life into them. We are sure they will find a nice place in your garden and save you good money that you are thinking of spending on new furniture.  This was an example of chairs, but who says you can do the same with the rest of your garden furniture?

The best thing about DIY is that you just don’t have to spend loads on decoration. You can simply work with what you already have and a few improvements here and there are all you need to transform the least attractive place in your house into one of its major attractions!

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