Top Teenage Beauty Problems And How To Overcome Them


   Being a teenage girl isn’t the easy ride that so many people think it is. There is just so much more pressure on you as a young than ever before, and this is especially true when it comes to your appearance (thanks a lot, social media). It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the cinema with your friends or if you are going to the mall with a group of school friends, including that guy you kind of like; you need to look your best all the time. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done because teenage years are plagued by beauty problems that can really knock your confidence.

So, to help you navigate this obstacle course of beauty issues, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that every teenage girl should know about and cherish (and by that we mean to make a print out and stick it on the back of your bedroom door so that they are never forgotten).
Shave Your Legs Does Nothing
You’ve no doubt been there. You’ve shaved your legs only to watch their grow back before you’ve even got out of the shower. It is both incredibly mind-boggling and incredibly annoying. Unfortunately, this is where a little bit of bad news needs to float your way because, if you are super-serious about nullifying your hair leg situation, you need to go down the waxing route. The reason for this is waxing gets to the root of the problem, by which we mean it pulls the root of the hair out. Shaving doesn’t do this. Shaving just cuts the hair off at the surface. So if you want to slow down that rate of growth it is time to get those waxing strips out.
Red Skin After Waxing
We can’t just tell you to go and wax your legs without giving you some advice on how to reduce your now red and bumpy skin because that would be harsh. The reason for this redness is relatively simple; you have just removed the hair and that is going to inflame your skin. The best way to solve this issue is to apply something that is known to soothe and calm skin, something like Aloe Vera works so well. The other great thing about this option is it is natural. It is a natural remedy. What could be better than that? After all, nature is seriously awesome.
The Foundation Of Bad Skin
One of the most vicious cycles in looking beautiful is acne. It is one of those amazingly common problems among teenagers, but one of the worst things you can do is try and cover it up with a thick layer of foundation. Not only does this cover up your natural beauty, which is something you want to avoid doing until you are old and wrinkly, it also aggravates your acne. But before you despair and curse the world, we have some good news because at last, the secret to stopping breakouts caused by makeup is here and, better yet, it is organic and it is makeup. The other thing you should be doing to deal with your acne prone skin is taken care of your skin. Wash your face every morning and night with a good cleanser and never rub your concealer in, always pat it.
Frizzy Bits On Your Forehead
When you are young and have a natural beauty that adults can only wish for, you want to show off your face a bit more and that tends to mean pulling your hair back into a ponytail. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go to plan, especially when you have little frizzy bits at your hairline that decide to disobey your every wish and command. You know what we’re talking about right? Well, the best way to get them under control is to go out and buy a new toothbrush, spray it with some super-duper strong hold hairspray and gently brush your frizzy bits back. There you have it, that sleek ponytail you were after.
Eyebrow Tweezing Gone Wrong
It is one of those things that can be so hard to get right because it is one of those things where you seek absolute perfection. But a couple of hairs too many and you can find yourself on a path of over-plucking and that can leave you looking surprised for three weeks straight. That is why it is so worth having an eyebrow pencil in your makeup bag. Obviously, this can make your eyebrows unnatural which is why you should invest in a pencil that is a shade lighter than your natural color, and then use delicate strokes to make it look like hairs. Don’t stop there, though. To get that extra natural look, we recommend you get a brow brush and use this to blur the lines a bit. This is one of the best ways to still look great even when you lost your way a bit with the plucking thing. It is addictive, we get it, but make sure you have a Plan B ready.
Self-Tanning Gone Wrong
This is one of those things we’ve all had to learn from. It is like a Rite of Passage for all teenage girls. You’ve had a shower before bed, applying your fake tan (or tinted moisturizer), left half an hour between application and going to bed, only to wake up in the morning with golden bed sheets and a streaky tan. Yeah, it’s annoying and one that can easily ruin your look and your day. Well, to stop this from happening in the future, it is all about the timing of when you apply your tan. The best thing to do is to leave it a good couple of hours between tanning and bedtime and to use normal moisturizer as a way of locking it in. The alternative is to apply your self-tan first thing in the morning, that will work too. It is also best to use circular motions to prevent any streaking and to make sure it is well rubbed in. Voila, no more issues.

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