Transferring Parenting Skills into Work Skills

Returning to work after a few years of being a stay-at-home mum can feel overwhelming for many women. It is common to worry that all that time not working may somehow make you less desirable to employers. That is not that case however. Being a mum provides so many skills that are transferable into the workplace and that make you very qualified and highly employable.

So if you are at that stage in life where you are wanting to get back to work but you are not sure how to position yourself or how to get started read on for all the reasons that your parenting skills make you a very desirable employee.

Problem Solving

All parents will tell you that there's a certain knack about bringing up children, that can’t be learnt at school or at college. It is just something that comes with time, dedication, hard work, research and above all else, love. Researching certain issues and problems that come up within family life will finely hone any parents ability to effectively research. From there you will naturally find your own way of doing things that works best for you and your family unit.

Through this process of focused research, trial and error and experience you will have, over the years, finely tuned your problem solving abilities. These new found research and implementation skills are relevant to many jobs and, parenting is about the toughest challenge on the planet that enables adults to possess them. The same applies to problem solving. There is no more challenging problem solving job on the planet, than raising children, so this is an incredibly important skill that you can confidently bring forward into your chosen job role.

Finding a way to understand your children and then find the solutions to their problems means that you will have the gift of empathy and understanding when it comes to business clients. It is a highly revered skill, to be able to listen to clients needs and from there be able to find the solutions that solve those problems. Therefore your parenting skills have you highly equipped to deal with an extensive range of problems that may come up in the workplace making you a highly desirable candidate.

Care & Support

Most parents, when talking about their role as parents, will probably say that their most important role is to care, support and love. These three imperative roles to being a mother, are also very transferable when it comes to looking for work. There are a wide variety of jobs that revolve around caring for and supporting other people, and after all those years of doing just that for your kids, you are in a premium position to be able to take on any roles within those categories.

Maybe you have always been interested in nursing in which case you are in a great position to do so. If you are interested in getting involved in the care community, click here for more nursing home jobs. Perhaps you are interested in getting into counselling young people, or adults, in which case again, you already have a huge amount of experience to bring forward into that line of work.

Time Management

Time management is a hugely sought after skill in the workplace and it is an inevitable skill that mothers need to perfect whilst being a mother. Most mothers will say ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’, however you all seem to get the important stuff done, the kids feed, bathed and in bed on time every night. The laundry done, the cleaning done, the food shopping done, not to mention ferrying the children around their out of school activities, helping them with their homework and just generally being there whenever they need you. That all needs super precision when it comes to time management.

It’s easy for lots of moms to just not realise that, on a day to day basis, they are exercising the most amazing time management skills, but now that you are considering going back to work, now is certainly the time to recognise it. Efficient time management is a top skill in pretty much every job on the planet so make sure it proudly takes centre stage on your CV.

Top-Tier Organisation

With good time management comes fantastic organisation. Being well organised, again, is not something that you can learn at school or university, it comes from life experience. The demands of a busy family mean that mothers are managers of the home. It is no mean feat planning everything from daily breakfasts, lunches and meals, keeping on top of all the bills, keeping the house clean, juggling the crazy schedule of all your kids hobbys and out of school activities. That is some serious juggling and to keep all those balls in the area takes serious organisation.

This is really no different, if anything, is actually more difficult, than balancing a handful of clients, and organising your day or an office event, to ensure that the individual needs of your clients and company are met. Mums need to be available at a moment's notice, which is generally what clients expect. They need to be on top of their to-do list, which is a core point of any job and they need to do all this through effective planning and organisation. Therefore, as you can see, through your family management and organisation you have developed some of the most important skills required to be successful at work.

Teaching & Supervising

It goes without saying that teaching is a fantastic job for mums looking to reenter the workplace. As you have been a teacher, supervisor and mentor to your kids over the years, you have the perfect set of skills for entering this type of work.

You know the techniques to keep kids in line and behaving themselves. You have learnt how to stimulate them and get them excited about things. You have found the skills necessary to explain things to them that make sense and most importantly you care. Find more information about how to get into teaching by clicking here. Mums wanting to get into teaching after being a stay-at-home mum are in a great position to be able to tell employers about the techniques and processes that they have developed over the years to educate, stimulate and allow children to enjoy themselves.


Similar to the above, mums have to spend a long time learning how to communicate with their children in a way that will engage them and make thing understandable and clear. This is a really important skill in the workplace also. Being able to communicate in a coherent way that people understand and that people can feel engaged with is an admirable skill in any profession, so this is definitely a talent that you will want to be promoting.

Negotiation & Collaboration

No parent can go through a whole day without some sort of negotiation or collaboration. Whether it is persuading children to eat the vegetables, with a promise of an extra large portion of pudding. Or whether it is that if they stick at their piano practice they will be treated to a day out at the zoo. Whatever the situation, all mums know that negotiation is a daily part of life with small children.

Kids come with their own set of ideas, in opposition to yours, and an office environment is no different. Although being an employee's doesn’t mean implementing the superior position you have over young children, it does mean that mums are better able to see situations from all perspectives, are good at talking through options and are effective at negotiating until the desired outcome has been reached.

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