Getting the Kids to Sleep When it’s Still Light Outside

Summer is finally here and with it, we’ve got lighter nights, warmer temperatures and the perfect excuse for some outdoor adventures. However, for parents, lighter nights can cause a whole host of issues with the kids’ bedtime routine – especially if you’re trying to get them to sleep when it’s still daylight.

You’ll probably get, “Mummy, it’s still daylight, do I have to go to sleep?” or “My friend at school doesn’t have to go to bed until 8!” This can be hugely frustrating, and getting into the ins and outs of how the clocks go backwards and forwards just won’t get you anywhere.
Thankfully, however, there are some things you can do to bring some normality back to the kids’ bedtime routine:
Don’t Deviate from the Routine
The lighter nights do make it more tempting to let the kids stay up a bit longer than usual but try to stick to the routine you’ve got in place. This might be a struggle initially, however, your child’s body clock will soon adjust to this routine, which will make it much easier to put them to bed at the same time each night.
Do Read Books in Bed
Your child may like to switch off before they go to bed by playing on the iPad or watching TV, but, before they go the land of nod, it’s good to have some time away from these screens. Research has demonstrated that electrical devices can disturb children’s bedtime routines due to the light they create promoting wakefulness. Therefore, try to read to them in a dark space, using the light from a small table lamp.
Do Create Darkness in Their Room
To make them feel as though it’s time to go to sleep, try to make their room as dark as possible. Companies like Direct Blinds offer a range of blackout blinds that are perfect for doing this. They create a dark space even when the sun’s ray are still shining through the window. By doing this, it should help your child go to sleep – and you might want to consider installing them in your own room, too!  
Do Try Essential Oils

Finally, to induce restfulness at bedtime, you may find essential oils work a treat. Sprayed in the room, they can help your child feel calm and relaxed when they go to bed, helping them drift off with ease. Lavender is perfect for this.

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