How to Use Accessories to Create Maximum Impact in Your Living Space

Finding home accessories you love isn’t difficult, as many home and interior stores offer an abundant collection of bowls, rugs, ornaments, frames and so on. But how do you get the most out of these accessories when you place them in your home?
Here are some top tips for accessorising your home in style:

Begin By Finding a Rug
First things first, a rug is great for introducing new colours and textures to a room. It can contrast neutral walls or complement bold palettes, providing you with a great base that you can build on. Once you’ve found the perfect rug from companies like Cox & Cox you can choose accessories that’ll add to the overall style of it.
Add Some Cushions and Throws
One of the easiest ways to add patterns and colours to a room is to use cushions and throws. They offer an inexpensive way of experimenting with different styles, and give you the perfect opportunity to regularly update the décor of a room. When you’ve got a neutral room you can opt for a variety of colours that’ll inject some life into the space. For example, plum and turquoise work beautifully together to create an impactful design that’s definitely got some wow factor.
Opt for Seasonal Accessories
How our interior spaces work depends on the weather outside. When it’s warm we’ll often want to keep things neutral, cool and minimalistic. But when the colder weather arrives, we want cosy, compact and rustic. So, alter your accessories with the changing seasons, making sure you’ve got these accessories at different levels so you’re truly enhancing the space. For example, you might add a rug to the floor, cushions to the chairs and ornaments to the mantelpiece.
Create Artistic Displays
When adding accessories to a room, the way you organise these will affect the overall look and feel of the room. Organise your accessories in colour, style and design. For example, if you’ve got rustic accessories, keep these together, while placing themed accessories (e.g. animals, musical instruments or holiday keepsakes) in one area.
Inject Some Art
A room can be defined by the artwork that’s on its walls, and this doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. Instead, find a picture that emulates your personality and hang it high up on the wall above a piece of furniture or your mantelpiece. This piece of art will stand the test of time, creating a stand-out piece in your home for many years to come.

Finally, to finish things off perfectly, opt for cheap and cheerful accessories that you can change around when you feel like it. Things like artificial flowers, different picture frames or fruit bowls are perfect.

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