Washers and Dryers sets

No doubt, most of us have heard about top load, front load, and even steam washers, yet there's a whole distinct class of washer and dryer sets which you might be unfamiliar with. We are referring to the compact laundry units. Granted, there are many similarities between standard washer and dryers and the compact ones, there are also quite many differences that one must know about before one decides to go small.

Smaller and less space consuming
Standard washer and dryers are usually 26 inches. Compact units are, however, 24 inches wide, so you do get to save a couple of inches. If you are living in a tiny apartment, those couple of inches might mean a lot of difference to you.
Now where you are saving a couple of inches, you will find that with them you can't wash as much as you were able to before. Therefore if you have a large family, it’s something to keep in mind.
No need to be vented outside
Most compact dryers are electric-based and not gas-based. That’s why they don’t necessarily need to be vented outside as in the case of a typical gas dryer. Such types of dryers are usually the go-to solution for people living in apartment who don’t have an outside venting option. There are special indoor venting kits which come with them that one can use.
Indoor ventilation means a lot of heat
If a dryer is not vented outside, you get all heat and humidity inside. Now most people don’t see this as that big of a deal; yet, if you are genuinely living in a tiny space, it can get really hot really fast when the dryer is on. This means that the AC needs to do double-duty, on a summer day, when the dryer is on. And in fact, sometimes you will find yourself choosing not to do laundry, due to the heat that the dryer generates.
A bit time consuming
For a former standard dryer, a typical dry cycle may take 40 to 60 minutes. For my compact dryer, we find that a standard dry cycle is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Yes, that’s a lot longer.
Wash cycles seem in compact machines take the same amount of time as standard ones, but it’s the drying that takes all your time. And if you are washing a blanket, stand ready to spend a lot of time waiting around.
Pedestals come with compactness
Good News: You can easily use pedestals with compact dryers and washer, and I personally just love mine. It assists in keeping the units at a more manageable height and that ensures that there is less bending. It’s also a great spot to store all of your laundry supplies.

The price tag

Even though such laundry units are small in size, they don't have a smaller price tag. Because they're more specialized than standard ones and aren't as readily available, they tend to cost a bit more. At times their price is twice as much as an ordinary washer and dryer.

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