Why It’s Important to Get the Kids Growing Their Own Fruit and Veg

We all know that being in the great outdoors provides us with a whole host of benefits. But did you know that getting the kids involved in gardening can provide them with a number of developmental benefits, too?
Here’s what your kids can learn by growing their own fruit and veg:

Enhancing Their Senses
One of the best ways for kids to learn is through their senses. So, when they’re up to their elbows in dirt in the garden they can feel the soil, vegetables and seeds; smell the wonderful scents of the food they’re picking and see the various shapes and sizes of the plants. By engaging their senses it’ll help your children understand what gardening involves while also getting them involved in the scientific and mathematic concepts that go with it.  
Encouraging Healthy Eating
There’s nothing like tasting the fruits of your labour, and that’s exactly what the kids can do when they grow things in the garden. Having them grow a variety of healthy food will make them proud to taste what they’ve grown. This encourages them to eat their greens (and with minimal fuss), and will also make them keen to grow different things to see what they taste like too.
Exploring Scientific Concepts
Gardening is fun to do but it’s also a great way of introducing your children to chemistry, biology and botany. As they plant their seeds they’ll start to wonder what’s going to happen next. They’ll monitor how things grow and change, which gives them a basic understanding of a number of different concepts. Furthermore, by using equipment from companies like Premier Polytunnels they’ll start to grasp how different things affect the growth of their plants.
Adding to Fine Motor Development
There’s a lot of fine motor control involved in gardening as you pick out the seeds, dig up the dirt and pour water on the plants. Therefore, as your children are gardening, they’ll develop these important skills that enhance their academic learning, such as typing, cutting and writing.
Creating Family Time
Finally, when you and the kids are growing things together this provides you with a wonderful amount of bonding time. Both you and your children will feel a great sense of achievement as you grow things together, and you’ll also enjoy exploring new recipes that you can make from the produce you’ve grown.

Gardening has so much to offer your children (and you), and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, space or money to get things started.

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