4 relaxing mum activities

 I understand that being a mum is around the clock job, but I do believe that every mother needs a break once in a while. I mean a break when the kids are not revolving around you and you needn’t run behind them. Maybe at times when kids are in bed, you can take a break, but still, you keep checking up on them now and then. But when they are with a babysitter you feel much more relaxed. So what do you do in your me time? Clueless, huh? Here are few things you can try out:

 1. Invite your friends over: You can invite your friends who you’ve not met in a long time, have a small get together, cook or watch TV shows or chick flicks. You can also have a DIY at home. Choices are endless.

2. Play bingo with virtual friends: If you want some time alone while your kids are sleeping you can try playing online bingo.  It’s always fun to meet new people. I definitely enjoy doing it, as it keeps my mind off other things.

3. Go shopping: There's nothing more relaxing, especially for me than shopping. I love to go out and discover the new trends and just enjoy some little time for myself.

4. Chill out: At times it’s nice to relax at your home, pamper yourself with a pedicure and head massage and go to bed early.

So what do you do in your spare time? Share your ideas with me. I’m all ears!

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