4 Ways to transform your attic into the perfect child room

  Usually, when people hear the word attic, they tend to think of a dark place full of spiders nets. Well, let me tell you that in my opinion, the attic is the best room of the house. How so? Well, it's a more than welcomed extra space that you can turn in everything you like with a little imagination. now it doesn't sound that bad, right? I thought so! To make things even better, I will let you know a few tips on how to turn your attic into a magical child room. Enjoy!

    I have to admit, I planned to transform my attic into my very own makeup room. I had everything planned, but then I found out that I was pregnant, so I had to re-think the whole situation and prepare to turn my attic into the perfect room for a child.

After my husband took care of all the dirty work, you know making sure that the attic is isolated, and that everything is ok, I came into the picture. Here's what you need to take into consideration if you want your new attic room to be a success.

1. Natural light is the key - I mean, who wants a room without natural light? So, bottom line, if you don't have windows to your attic, you will need to add some in order to bring on some sunshine and trust me, you won't be sorry. If you worry that the sun will make you problems during summer, think again. VELUX blinds have a wide range of blinds that you can choose from, so it's certain that you will find something to suit your taste and to fit the theme of the room.

2. Choose light colors - I have to be honest with you, when I found out that I will have another girl, I only saw pink in front of my eyes, but it never crossed my mind to paint her room in pink. Because our house is not that big, I wanted to create the illusion of a bigger space and give an airy feel to the room, so I went for the simple white color. Light pastels are also ok, the main idea is to stick with light colors to the walls and the ceiling and to add color to the room with accessories.

3. Don't overload the room - It's a parent thing to want the best for your kids and it's normal, but there's nothing worse than a crowded room and that's why you have to keep it simple. Don't overload it with too much furniture that you won't even use, it will look bad and messy.

4. Pay attention to the details - You know, they don't say for nothing that it's all in the details. They show our character and make a room feel like home. My daughter is a huge Disney fan and she loves her Disney princesses. With that in mind, I added small pink cushions on her bed, placed some photos of the Disney princesses on the walls and I went for the Disney Velux Dream Collection when I had to pick the blinds for the window. I also placed little fairy lights above her bed and together, these things made (and still makes) it a magical room for her.

 It takes a lot of time and energy to turn a room of your house into your dream space, but with patience and determination, nothing is impossible. I really hope my tips on how to create the perfect child room were useful and I would really love to hear your opinions about this matter. What other tips do you have to create the perfect dream room?

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