Suburban Mummy got a makeover thanks to Logojoy

  Ok, you can stop staring now, I know it's so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off it, it happens to me too. For those of you who are new to my blog and have no idea of what I'm talking about, I'll fill you in, I'm talking about the appearance of my blog that is improved so much, thanks to my new logo.

  I'll be honest with you, I'm very bad with technical stuff and I wanted to have a beautiful logo from the first day that I started blogging, but I could not find anything that I liked or that suited my blog, that until I heard about Logojoy.

Logojoy uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to generate several logo designs based on your specifications. I admit that I was kind of scared to try it at first. I thought that it will be difficult and that I will end up being disappointed, but boy was I wrong.

In order to get your logo, you have type in the name of your blog, follow a few steps and you're done! Easy peasy! I found the steps that I had to follow very interesting and easy and the final result amazing. I keep mentioning the steps, but I don't get in any details about them, shame on me. Bare with me as I will guide you through each one of them so you can understand better how this works.

1. Choose your inspiration - here you can see a lot of logo designs and you have to pick 5 of them that represent you and your blog best. The next steps are optional, but I found them useful. You get to pick a color range that you like and also search for images that you may want to add to your logo. Once all these steps are completed, Logojoy will work its magic and in just a few seconds you can see a multitude of logo options ready for you.

2. Customise your logo - once you pick your desired logo design, you click on it and you can start customising it after your own wishes. You can change everything about it, font, color, layout, anything. You have over 475 premium fonts, 550k+ premium symbols and 5.5k color presets to choose from, so I'm pretty sure you will find something for you.

3. Save your logo - if you finished everything, it's time to save it up and download it to your computer. Once that is done, you will receive all the files immediately. The files include JPG, PNG and a transparent background. You can use them on your blog, social media accounts or you can print them out.

For an inexperienced person like me, I found the whole Logojoy experience to be quite amazing and it made me want more. It is such a lovely site and everything is explained thoroughly, so you really cannot go wrong. If you are searching for a new logo for your blog I highly recommend that you try Logojoy out, they are really amazing and you won't regret doing so. By the way, you can stop staring at my logo now, because I've told you the secret and you can have a similar one in no time! Good luck!

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