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Modern Kitchen Design

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s just family gathering, an evening meal, or you’re having friends around, everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. So, give it a revamp with some quick and easy contemporary design tips, including the latest worktop styles, lighting techniques, and appliance types to transform your kitchen into a modern space, that’s perfect for cooking and enjoying company.

4 Ways to transform your attic into the perfect child room

  Usually, when people hear the word attic, they tend to think of a dark place full of spiders nets. Well, let me tell you that in my opinion, the attic is the best room of the house. How so? Well, it's a more than welcomed extra space that you can turn in everything you like with a little imagination. now it doesn't sound that bad, right? I thought so! To make things even better, I will let you know a few tips on how to turn your attic into a magical child room. Enjoy!

Creative Ways to Live Large in a Small Space

You don’t have to feel bad if you have a small space to live in. It is most certainly not the end of the world, and in fact, holds many benefits over a too large space. For example, you will spend far less on maintenance and keep the place cleaner than someone with a huge home.

Top Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping


As a parent, deciding what activities to involve your children in for their own wellbeing and development is one of the great struggles. Would it be best for them to take an art class, or do an after-school sport, or both? What if they can’t stand either activity?

While there can be a fair bit of debate about many of these pastimes, it should be taken as a given that getting your kids out and about in nature is a brilliant idea -- and not just because it gives you a chance to buy some new hiking boots at The Iconic.
Here are a few reasons why you should take your kids camping.

Tips to protect your valuables at home

Have you ever purchased expensive jewelry for yourself and felt worried about keeping it safe? Or have you saved up some money to give a special necklace to a loved one on Valentine’s Day? Regardless the occasion, you have to be very careful of where you are keeping your money and jewels. The days of hiding precious items in food containers and empty vases are over. Thanks to the media, these are the places robbers and thieves always look for. Therefore it is always best that you invest in a safe and keep your house securely locked because the last thing you want is to get your precious items lost or stolen.